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Hidden within the Greater Sands lies the city of Illusios, an oasis shielded from the wild magic of the outer desert. Each millennia, an Exalted One appointed by their gods, renews and maintains the protection of their land.

This time, it’s Dionysios’ turn; but what does the position cost him? The unsettling truth of the ritual and its history begins to unfold.

Mirror’s Omen

Starting a potion shop is no easy task in the port city of Moon Haven. Damakos learns this quickly as he sets out on his own to try and turn a profit. In doing so, he finds a mysterious foreinger, selling mysterious items. One of which is a mirror he shouldn’t have peered into.

Potions Guide: 2nd Edition

A comprehensive guide on how to make potions, enchanted items, and the procurement of ingredients, this handy tome is for the discerning adventurer who wants to be SURE of what they’re bringing with them on the road, or the budding alchemist who wants to further their studies. Potions Guide: 2nd edition has what you need to be well equipped for your next expidition!