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Our main characters, in order of appearance!

Name: Damakos
Age: 22
Birthday: April 1
Race: Infernal
Origin: Moon Haven
Occupation: Alchemist
First Appearance: Potions Guide, Page 1

Damakos comes from a relatively comfortable upbringing. He spends more time in his potion shop crafting tinctures and elixirs than he does at his house. Although he’s an avid nerd for bug collecting, he’s also a total scaredy cat. Speaking of cats, he has one, named Oliver. Right now he’s Damakos’ only friend. He is the main character, I swear. He tries staying out of trouble, often failing.

Name: Dionysios (Daio) Alexopoulos
Age: 21
Birthday: Summer Solstice
Race: J’alkarii
Origin: The Greater Sands- Illusios
Occupation: Dancer/item artificer
First Appearance: Potions guide, Page 1/ Mirror’s Omen, Page 3

Dionysios hails from the Greater Sands, and is part of a small race of desert dwellers named J’alkarii. He wanted to live life as normal, but the powers that be had other plans for him. As a result, he ran away seeking refuge in Moon Haven, where he is an item enchanter in Damakos’ shop and occasional dance performer. He is kind, and giving, if not a little naive.  He’s often found eating some kind of fruit or veggie snack, and working on improving his common language.

Name: Irene
Age: 19
Birthday: July 11
Race: ??
Origin: Unknown
Occupation: Part-Time Fortune Teller
First Appearance: Potions Guide, Page 1

Irene is a part-time worker at Potions Notions. Not much is known about her, as she tends to be a private person, but she is best known for her fortune-telling ability, for anyone brave enough to have it told. She’s sweet, fashion forward and relatively harmless. She kept showing up at Potions Notions until Damakos gave her a job.



Name: Dimitrius
Age: 26
Birthday: August 24
Race: Infernal
Origin: Moon Haven
Occupation: Ranger/Bounty Hunter
First Appearance: Potions Guide, page 4

Dimitrius is Damakos’ older brother. Though he hails from the port city of Moon Haven, he prefers to dwell in the outskirts of the city, among wildlife. As a result, he’s difficult to get a hold of, but eventually comes into town to replenish essentials he needs, catching up with Damakos and picking up what ever item or ingredient procurement job he may have. He’s fiercely protective of his younger brother. Dimitrius otherwise isn’t very talkative and can often come off as cold, or arrogant, though he may or may not be crushing on Daio.

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