The Alchemists Collective: Illusios

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Illusios is a desert oasis city, nestled in the Greater Sands… Blink, and you may miss this hidden gem. What secrets lie beyond its barrier, and at what cost is it to find out what keeps it protected from the wild elements and dangerous magic of the Greater Sands?

Illusios: Part 1- Exalted One

Illusios: Part 1- Exalted One published on No Comments on Illusios: Part 1- Exalted One

This is a bit like an inner cover/prelude to the actual comic!! I actually thought to draw this concept and make it for the cover, but thought the other was more suitable. This is very foreshadowing though and I like it without text. Dionysios here is our main character, and he’s got a lot on… Continue reading Illusios: Part 1- Exalted One