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Who is THIS???


Hey  there, reader! You’ll be seeing updates twice a week from here on out! If all goes swimmingly, by the time you read this I’ll have been plugging away at Illusios’ final act and you’ll have updates on Wednesdays AND Satudays! I’ve been wanting to get to a point in which I was able to have an upload schedule of twice weekly instead of once, and I may hold off uploading the next story until I have enough of a buffer to be able to do that again, but we’re here! I really have been wanting to tell you this story at a faster pace and I hope you guys have been enjoying it!

Once this story is finished, I think I’ll be working on Potions Guide updates more frequently and you guys’ll have those to look forward to (Something a little less serious in tone, and hopefully more interactive!!), while I work on the next story in the background. Patrons on Patreon will  of course, have very VERY early access to that. So join in if you’d like to see what’s cooking on the back end. I think I’ll never NOT have 2 comics going at once haha.

Anyway enjoy the comic!

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